Jef was born in Littleton, Colorado in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. After quite a bit of moving around in early childhood, the family settled in Edmond, Oklahoma when Jef was in sixth grade. Jef grew up(?) in Oklahoma and eventually moved to Phoenix, Arizona. It was there at an open-mic at a pizza place (yay Fatso's!!) where he came into his own as an acoustic musician.

After a few years in Phoenix, it was onto San Diego, California aka America's Finest City! Here, Jef continues his musical journey. He's started writing a few songs and plays out at places in Pacific Beach, Ocean Beach and La Jolla. He loves music, and enjoys sharing it with others.

Balboa Park, San Diego
Epiphone Threesome: Dot, Hummingbird Pro, Emperor Swingster :)
Band Practice!
Jef playing at Te Mana Cafe
Playing at TeMana Cafe